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Friday, 29 July 2011

It's started!

Two months off between jobs and we're attempting to blog it.  Various trips and new experiences planned and two challenges running throughout:

1) To try 7 different beers a week - beers that I've never tried before

2) An attempt to counteract the effects of challenge 1 - to do cardio and resistance exercises for an hour, 5 times a week.

I'll see how it goes....


Ok so of course I have to have a couple of challenges too and that is partly where the name has come from as the quick of mind among you will have worked out. I have to eat a different wild food every day for the next 8 weeks - and hopefully not poison myself in the process. My physical challnege is to be able to do 100 press ups by the end of the 8 weeks for which I have an iPhone app. Well I have had the app for about as long as I have had the iPhone but clearly never used it - so if when you next see me I have shoulders like a russian shot putter on steroids you'll know I did it.

Anyway this all starts as of Monday so I have until then to over indulge in cider, laziness and bought food so its off to the hub of the festival and the first alcoholic drink of the day



  1. do crabs count as a wild food?

  2. Concerned only that you may run out of different kinds of beer. I'm with the cider contingent. Good luck! Anne

  3. Crabs absolutely count as wild food and the 56 beers may be tricky but that's the challenge... Thanks for your comments. Dulcie

  4. Does lifting the beer bottles to your mouth count as part of the resistance
    Exercises/1 hour exercise? Have fun you 2 xxx

  5. I hadn't even thought of that - you're a genius. And if they are big bottles of beer, so much the better. Thanks for top tip! D