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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Last of the B&B... for now

Well, we're now back from our B&B experiment and I think we can say it went pretty well.  We even got an tip from one lot of guests.  And no, it wasn't "don't cook your mushrooms as much", it was a proper folding money tip.  We spent it on dinner at what used to be our favourite restaurant on St. Marys.  The restaurant still is lovely as it's right on the beach facing west so you can watch the sun set. It does lovely cocktails and used to do great food.  We both had steak which was described on the menu as coming with tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar with a blue cheese dressing.  So in my head I was thinking a rich, sweet balsamicy tomato mix with a salty blue cheese sauce.  No...the steak was lovely and beautifully cooked.  However, it came with sliced raw tomatoes and a big lump of blue cheese just sitting on the side of the plate.  The whole plate was then swimming in vinegar.  Most bizarre.  We, of course, told the waiter that everything was lovely when he came to ask.

Since returning I'm like an addict weaning myself off my Persil Hygiene heroin.  To help me I am using Persil colour tablet methadone.  One day I will get myself off my methadone - but it just gets my clothes so clean....

And oh, the most amazing thing happened when we got back.  It was if all the events in the Universe were coming together and showing us the path the true happiness.  There in our pile of post when we returned was not one but two Lakeland catalogues.  And there it was, page 28... the multipurpose squeegy.  I still haven't bought one but maybe I'll get one in my Christmas stocking.

And so here I am back in the real world.  No call in my new job, as yet, for the ability to time toast with egg frying or remove watermarks from shower doors.  But you never know...


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