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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

B&B Begins

For anyone not keeping up, Kathryn and I are running a 3 room bed and breakfast for 2 weeks.  Our first day 'flying solo' was Tuesday.  We have absolutely no previous experience...

On Monday, by way of training, we watched 'Three in a bed', that programme where 3 B&B owners stay at each other's places and rate them. Unfortunately, one of the contestants was a slightly rough lady from Yorkshire who liked a drink.  As I couldn't relate to her in anyway I'm afraid I didn't learn much from the programme.

New guests for breakfast on Tuesday.  A bit younger than the usual clientele and with their fancy London ways and high expectations they asked for kippers, poached and scrambled eggs.  The guests write on a board what they'd like for breakfast.  So, of course, this opened the flood gates for more kippers and sophisticated egg cooking.  Unfortunately our 2 day training only covered the full english and fried eggs.  Health and Safety would have had a field day as we slopped pans of boiling water across the kitchen in an attempt to time kipper cooking with perfect poached eggs and not burning the scrambled.

I'm 'front of house' and after much studying of the table yesterday evening I perfected the placing of the toast racks today.  Due to poor placement yesterday I ended up having to do an extra rack and end up with cold hard toast that needed chucking away.  But as they say you learn from your mistakes and this morning was bang on with the toast - phew!

I'm slightly concerned that after only two days our conversations are based solely on the topics of towel changing, keeping the whites white and preventing water marks on shower doors.

Favourite job so far - squeegying the shower doors, everyone must get a Lakeland shower squeegy they are an absolute boon and so much fun to use.

Worst job so far - scrutinising towels for stains.  Actually the worst job is scrutinising and then finding stains.

Dilemma of the day - can you put yellow and white bed linen on a bed with a pale blue vallance?  We have and it looks ok, I think.

Just waiting for new arrivals and then off to the gym followed by sitting in the sun reading - it's all go!


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