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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lazy Susan - not so lazy

Having scoured the newspapers today it appears that all of the major news agencies have overlooked the top news from the B&B....  After an unprecedented number of comments on facebook regarding the need for a large number of condiments, especially marmite, at breakfast the lazy susan is staying on the table.  I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on this issue.

All of the guests from last week left today.  We even got a present from one couple and praise for the poached eggs from another - so we are well chuffed.  However, everyone leaving together does mean a three room change over!  The Cillit Bang and rubber gloves have been on the go all day but I think we are now ready to receive the next set of guests.

My left knee has been giving me a bit of gyp.  I can't decide whether I overdid my lunges at the gym the other day (yes, I am keeping up with my exercise challenge) or I'm developing housemaids knee.  After the amount of time I spent cleaning bathroom floors today I'm thinking it is probably the latter.  Nevertheless, I shall continue to go to the great little gym they have here.  It's just one small room with a few bits of equipment.  It's open from 12-3pm each day.  So far it's just been me, the woman that runs it and a couple of other women in their 40's there each day.  Now I've been a few times I'm being included in the 'gym chat' which goes on between them.  My gym sessions do feel a bit like a WI meeting with exercise.  Must remember to sing Jerusalem before I leave next time.

Tell you what's a pain - ironing fitted sheets.  They may well be a boon for the lazy bedmaker who can't be bothered with hospital corners but trying to iron those elasticated corners is a nightmare.  We have a mountain of damp bedlinen and towels
as it keeps raining as soon as we put it out on the line and the only tumble drier they have is one of those condensing ones and it has a leak; as a consequence no matter how long it's on for the contents remain slightly damp.

Again, I'm just waiting to greet the new guests and get them settled in then we are off for a well-deserved pint at our favourite pub.


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