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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Scrambled, poached or fried

So we have settled in a bit to the routine now. However like Dulcie I have sustained a few injuries. Firstly the muscle in my arm hurts when I carry the hoover, when I lift a heavy kettle or iron - all of which I am doing on a regular basis at the moment. Also I got the layout of my cooking pans round the wrong way yesterday and the water splashed into the hot fat of the waiting frying pan and I have a few small burns on my left wrist!! Who knew that running a B&B could be so dangerous?

Dulcie has sorted out the dilemma of the Lazy Susan and mentioned the difficulties of ironing fitted sheets - they are definitely not on my list of things to buy when we get our B&B - right pain in the arse. Plus we have all these pristine white bottom sheets to try and dry - which we mainly do by ironing them and before you realise they are dragging on the kitchen floor and gathering all the debris the dogs have dragged in. We need a bed size ironing board - or I might resort to ironing the bloody things on the bed it would make life so much simpler. I have to think how long it took me to iron one sheet by the time I had ironed the same bit several times as I moved it deftly round the ironing board.

We had a change over day yesterday so had to go over the place with a fine toothcomb before our new guests arrived. They are all from the same family which is nice and we even got a lay in this morning as being such fabulous hosts we offered to do breakfast at a later time for them seeing as it was Sunday! I must say though the change over days are hectic with all the washing, bed-making, tray sorting and still all the other tasks and shopping to do. It is all go here believe me.

The most stressful part of the day for me is the 10 minute slot when I am having to do the eggs. All the rest is fairly controlled and I have not burnt any bacon since Monday which is a relief. Sometimes the food presentation could be a little better. The plates are so small and if there are three mushrooms, a sausage, a piece of bacon, a potato waffle and a fried egg to get on that is a lot of food to arrange nicely in a short space of time. Luckily so far I have not had anyone who has a thing about different food touching which a couple of my friends have an issue with!! Anyhow the eggs are the stressful bit as the pressure is on. Dulcie gives me the nod that they have finished their cereal and of course usually its two people who finish at the same time so its two eggs that you want going out together and then if its poached and fried well that is a nightmare. Two fried is ok unless you break one (or several) as I did this morning. I rapidly scrap out the broken egg (which ends up being part of my breakfast - waste not want not) and then have to get another one on the go asap. Its stressful I can tell you. Then a couple of times I have nearly dropped them off the edge of the egg slice before they have made contact with the plate.

However all that said we were complimented on our poached eggs on toast yesterday as it wasn't soggy. In a revelatory new method we actually drain them on kitchen paper first before putting them on the toast - can't think why other people in B&B's don't think of this. Perhaps I will write an article on it for B&B Monthly.


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